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Please make an appointment when purchasing paper maps.

Geographic Information Services (GIS)

The GIS department provides print and online maps of Jefferson County inclduing jurisdictions such as school districts, wards, precincts and fire districts. Paper maps are printed on an as needed and there is a charge based on size. Please schedule an appointment if you need a paper map.


Maps are provided for reference purposes only and are NOT an official record. Data comes from many sources and may be incomplete or innacurate. Jefferson County doesn't warrant in any form the completeness or accuracy of data. They do not contain survery grade data and in some areas of the county they may be off as far as sixty feet. They can NOT be used to precisely locate property boundaries or encroachments. When accessing online mpas from mobile devices you may incur additonal charges from your data plan provider. You must accept this disclaimer to access maps.

Base map layers are provided by ESRI and may contain incorrect or outdated information.

By clicking on the link below I certify that I understand and agree to the disclaimer above.

Rural Addressing

The GIS department also handles Rural Addressing. Properties inside of the city limits of Whitehall and Boulder are addressed by those cities and not through the county. New Addressing standards have been in place for two years to increase the accuracy of mapping 911 calls and routing emergency response. Unfortunately some property addresses have had to be reassigned. We apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate the landowner cooperation we've received!

Address Markers Now Available!

Help emergency services locate your residence faster! Address markers are now available from the county! First marker is free but must be picked up. Call the GIS Office Monday thru Thursday at 225-4156 pick up your marker.