Office of Clerk and Recorder

The Clerk and Recorder's Office preserves the records of Jefferson County including deeds, subdivisions, surveys, birth and death certificates. Public Records can be searched using the link below, right. Filing fee information can be found using the links below.

Search Laserfiche Records for Minutes Resolutions and other Public Documents

A total of five different people can use the search at once; if you are unable to access it, please try again later. If you need to look something up right away, please come into the Clerk and Recorder's Office in Boulder. Search Laserfiche Here

Budget Information

Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Final Budget


Current Month Expenditure Budget

Expenditure Budget

Search of Public Records

Records recorded or filed since April 1, 1980, have been automated and are easily accessed by computer. The grantor/grantee index provided for you on this web site will enable you to search public records of the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder's office. Conversion of older records is an ongoing effort. Search Public Records

Filing and Recording Fees

A printable list of filing and recording fees can be found here:

Filing and Recording Fees



Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder's Office supports the submission of electroninc documents. A list of vendors is available here.

image of clerk and Recorder's Building