Jefferson County Local Government

Jefferson County, MT

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County Courthouse

District Court - Fifth Judicial District

Marilyn Craft, Clerk of District Court

Maureen Dawson, Deputy Clerk of District Court

District Court - Fifth Judicial District
Box H
Boulder, MT 59632

PH: (406) 225-4042
PH: (406) 225-4041
Fax: (406) 225-4044


8am to 12:00pm - 1:00pm to 5:00pm Monday - Friday


The Clerk of District Court is the keeper of records for all District Court documents.


File documents
Attend Court hearings
Receive payments of fines
Issue Marriage Licenses and Passports
Call Jurors for trials

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you accept payments for traffic tickets?


No - that is Justice Court! - (406 225 4055)



Do you have Birth Certificates and Death Certificates?


No - that is in the Clerk and Recorders office, although Clerk of Courts office does have probate records to handle the deceased person's estate and has marriage licenses.

We also have dissolutions of marriage, criminal cases (felonies), civil cases, and handle appeals from Justice Court, Small Claims Court and City Court. Insanity cases, adoptions and juvenile cases are also filed in District Court. Payments for filing of documents are required at the time documents are presented for filing. Most of our records start from 1866.
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