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Environmental Health

Megan Bullock

Environmental Health Department
Box H
Boulder, MT 59632

PH: (406) 225-4126
Fax: (406) 225-4151


  • Mon 8-3
  • Tues-Thurs 8-5
  • Fri 8-3


    To prevent, detect and control environmental hazards that affect human health.


    Reviews subdivisions, inspects all restaurants and public accommodations, issues septic permits and junk vehicle removal, issues floodplain development permits, investigates animal bites

    Advisory Board:

    The Jefferson County Health Board oversees the Health Department.
    The Health Board is made up of five members including;

    Kathy Rux (Boulder)
    Kay Bills-Kazimi (Mt. City)
    Sandy Sacry (Whitehall)
    Sherrel Rhys (Clancy)
    vacant (Whitehall)
    * * Commissioner Bob Mullen (406) 225- 4025
    -Health Officer Jaon Vanduynhoven

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What does a Septic Permit cost?
    A: Certified Installer - $125.00
    Non-Certified Installer - $200.00

    Q: How does someone become a Certified Septic Installer?
    A: To become certified, applicant must take a test and pay $100.00. Certification must be renewed every year and costs $25.00.

    Q: What are the fees connected with a subdivision?
    A: Subdivision- sanitary restriction removal -$405.00/lot.

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