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County Courthouse

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Craig Doolittle, Sheriff
Mike Johnson, Undersheriff

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Box 588
Boulder, MT 59632
Phone: (406) 225-4075


24 Hours Service


The mission of this office is to serve and protect persons and property in Jefferson County. The responsibilities associated with this mission are many. They include enforcement of federal and state laws; maintaining the peace and order of the county; protecting personal safety and property; assisting citizens in urgent situations; and providing public safety education and information.

The basic purpose of the Sheriff's Office may be classified under headings:

  • Protection of Life and Property
  • Prevention of Crime
  • Suppression of Criminal Activity
  • Preservation of the Peace
  • Apprehension of Criminals

It is our goal to carry out this mission in a professional, courteous, and unbiased manner.

Advisory Board:


The Sheriff's Office works closely with it's Reserve Deputy Program, Search and Rescue, local Fire and Ambulance Service to the county. These volunteers provide invaluable Service to the county. We encourage anyone interested in participating in these activities to contact us for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I obtain a Concealed Weapon Permit and is my current out-of-state permit valid in Montana?

A: Concealed Weapon Permit Process

Q: What do I need to know to burn refuse on my property in Jefferson County?

A: Burning is open in Jefferson County from March 1st through November 30th every year. This is the only time you can burn in the County unless you get a special permit from DEQ to burn while the season is closed. The permits to burn from March through November are available at the Sheriff's Office in Boulder or on line at You must call before you burn and give your permit number and address of where you are going to burn. You must also call after you are finished burning. This process allows us to know where the controlled burns are when we get complaints from people who see the flames or smoke.

Jefferson County Announces Online Burn Permits

With the spring comes debris and agricultural burning!

Jefferson County has adopted an electronic burn permit system that will be rolled out this spring. Those desiring to burn debris in the county will be able to purchase the required permit online. A permit is not needed for recreational fires measuring less than 48 inches in diameter that are surrounded by a nonflammable structure and for which a suitable source of extinguishing the fire is available.

The Jefferson County burn permit service can be found at Permits will be available starting March 1st at 8 am, and the new system will provide citizens with instant access to county burn permits. Permit holders will be able to add multiple burn locations to a single permit and can print their permit at home or send it to themselves electronically by entering an e-mail address.

The online service will allow citizens to purchase a burn permit using a debit/credit card or an electronic check. Citizens will also be able to activate their permit online or by calling the county’s new automated phone system at 1-888-583-6499. To activate a permit, the permit holder simply enters his permit number with the start and stop times of the burn, and county fire and emergency personnel are immediately notified of the burn. An interactive map will also be available to allow citizens and county personnel to view all current burn activity within the county. In the event of the county or individual fire districts being closed to burning periodically, the map and the activation system will automatically display the closed areas, and not allow the permit activation for that period of the closure.

It is expected that there will be a significant reduction in dispatch call volume because there will be no need to contact dispatch to activate a burn, as you will be able to activate it by the new automated phone system or online.

If you have problems with the online burn system due to not having access to the internet or a computer the computers at the public library locations will available during library hours.

For other issues, a point of sale for permits will be established at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the Whitehall Town Office and the Montana City Store.

Burn permits cost $6 each and can be used throughout 2012 in accordance with the burning resolution and public health regulations.

Q: What are the Civil Service fees?

A: Civil Service fees are a flat fee of $35.00 per defendant.


Q: When can I visit the Jail?

A: Visitation of Jail
Monday - Wednesday - Saturday
2pm to 5pm
15 minute limit
No appointment is necessary


How can I obtain a list of known sex offenders in my area?

A: Offenders List
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