Craig Doolittle, Sheriff
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Box 588
Boulder, MT 59632
Phone: (406) 225-4075

Mike Johnson, Undersheriff
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Box 588
Boulder, MT 59632
Phone: (406) 225-4075

Jeri Goodwin, Civil Officer
Jefferson County Civil Officer
Box 588
Boulder, MT 59632
Phone: (406) 225-4075
Fax: (406) 224-4145

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Sheriff's Office

The mission of this department is to serve and protect persons and property in Jefferson County. The responsibilities associated with this mission are many. They include enforcement of federal and state laws; maintaining the peace and order of the county; protecting personal safety and property; assisting citizens in urgent situations; and providing public safety education and information.

Sign up for Emergency Notifications

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office now uses CodeRED by ONSOLVE for general and emergency notifications. CodeRED is a FREE emergency notification system available to all Jefferson County residents that will send you alerts concerning time-sensitive and/or emergency information that may impact your area via phone calls, text messages, emails, the CodeRED app, and social media. Jefferson County encourages you to actively participate in emergency preparedness by remaining informed. Cell phones must be registered by YOU to receive these notices, so be sure to register today to receive the information you need, when it matters, regarding events such as:

  • Wildfire Alerts
  • Evacuation Notices
  • Natural Disasters
  • Road Closures/Traffic Alerts
  • Hazardous Materials Spills
  • xtreme Weather Notifications
  • Criminal Activities
  • Shelter in Place/Lockdowns
  • Health Alerts/Advisories
  • Boil Water Advisories
  • Missing Persons/Children

The CodeRED Mobile Alert app is available for free in the App Store or via Google Play. Your contact information remains private and will only be used for emergency, or at your request, general notifications. Don’t wait! Start receiving notifications that could save your life. Sign up by clicking the link at the top of this page today!

Jail Visitation

Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday
9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Inmate gets 45 minutes of visitation per day
No appointment is necessary