Board of Parks, Trails and Recreation Commissioners

The Jefferson County Commissioners (County Commission) determined the creation of a Board of Parks, Trails, and Recreation Commissioners would benefit the citizens of Jefferson County. The Board was created in December of 2017 to serve as an advisory/working board to the County Commission and to the Jefferson County Planning Board on matters related to park areas, trails, and recreation within Jefferson County. The Board consists of seven members that serve staggered, three year terms

Jefferson County Trails Map 2020

View from Haystack summit

Regulations and Guidelines for Recreation on Public Lands

Aspen meadows along Rawhide Trail

Board Members

Name  Location  Appointed Term Expires 
Abbrah (Abbie) Chermack (vice chair)  Boulder  3/13/2018  3/13/2024 
Bill Dawson  Boulder  3/13/2018  3/13/2023
Vaia Errett  Whitehall  3/13/2018  3/13/2023 
Sue Kenyon (chair)  Montana City  3/13/2018  3/13/2024 
Bret Lian  Jefferson City  3/13/2018  3/13/2024 
Mike Korn Montana City 6/16/2020 3/13/2023
Ryan Vanderwerff Whitehall 6/16/2020 3/13/2023


By Vaia Erret

  • Depot Hill (Boulder)

    Bitterroot blooms converge on Boulder history up Depot Hill.

  • Ninety Cent Gulch

    Million dollar views in Turnley Meadows.

  • Rawhide Trail

    Pass ancient molten history.

  • Elkhorn Winter XC Ski

    Elkhorn’s Winter Trails Trace Routes of Heyday Hustle.

  • Kilborne Gulch to Doe Ridge

    Follow animal paths (and wisdom) up Kilborn Gulch to Doe Ridge.

  • Sullivan Gulch

    Sullivan Gulch cradles a history in its upper reaches from wood-cutting in the 1890s to cattle grazing and firewood gathering more recently.

  • Haystack Mountain

    Humble yet rugged Haystack Mountain feeds your soul.

Rawhide Meadow View Depot Hill Bitterroot Overlook

Natural History of Jefferson County

by Bret Lian

View of Pole Mountain (foreground) and Jack Mountain (background) at a curve in the road where Sullivan Gulch climbs steeply before dropping to link to Bear Gulch or Berry's Meadows.

About the Parks, Trails and Recreation Board